Reminders to Boat Safely Memorial Day Weekend

    Memorial Day also means a lot of people will be celebrating on the lake, so officials are reminding lake goers to be careful during boat safety week.

    Sgt. Michael McClure, with the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) Troop D, said national boat safety week is the perfect time to make sure you have everything you need before enjoying summer on the lake, including life jackets.

    “Make sure that you got enough for everybody you intend to have on board throughout the day,” said McClure. “Second of all would be the fire extinguishing system. Whether it’s a type one or type two depending on the size of the boat.”

    Rick Johnson, a visitor, and his family have a type two extinguisher ready for his latest birthday present.

    “I’m 67 today and enjoying it with my family,” said Johnson.

    Johnson said he and his wife, Jennifer Winkler, said they enjoy spending time together on the lake.

    “A lot in the summer, but probably just a few half a dozen times during the year, mostly when family comes to visit,” said Winkler.

    Johnson said it’s all about safety-first in his new sailboat.

    “Wear your life jacket,” said Johnson. “When in doubt, keep it on. Just keep an eye on the weather. I hear the weather can turn real quick. I have a sister-in-law who’s really worried about the weather, so she’s warned me to keep an eye out on it.”

    No matter what lake you’re enjoying this weekend on your boat, it’s always a good idea to bring a map. In case of an emergency and you have to call 911 to tell them your exact location.

    (by: Jacob Blount and Ivie Macy, Ozarks First)

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